Thursday, March 14, 2013

Three playrooms, three clips!

We got a great peek at all three play areas today-- Large, Medium, and Small!

In the Big area, we caught some Zzzz's, on film! Hound-dog Zipper and his Dobie buddy Zeus were tearing it up together this morning. These two are always great buds, and do a great job of playing fairly together.

Medium pup Thorn had a blast playing with his buddies Bess and Jasmine-- Jackson was also doing his damnedest to get in on the action!

Upstairs, ball time is as popular as ever. Seamus, Pearl, and Marlee are all about the ball, while Dixie tries to distract Pearl into a romp. Those two are quite the cute little couple!

Last but not least, a short clip of our boarding buddy Rosey, playing with other medium rollers, Cooper and Jack. Too bad they got distracted by the big guys across the hall! That was the start of a great clip.

Have a great night guys!


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