Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lovely Little Lady Lila

This has really been a fantastic couple of weeks for new furry friends at the Fort! Today, we added another pup to our pack-- twelve-week-old Boston Terrier Lila enjoyed her first day upstairs with the other little guys. She was a little timid, but she wouldn't let that get the best of her--her curiosity is what shone through the most. The other pups all did their best to show her a good time and let her know what the Fort is all about-- especially Beija, an older Boston whom we have known for many years.
As Lila learns and grows, she will certainly become even more of a fun-loving pack member. We have quite a group of fiesty Bostons and Boston-mixes, and they tend to be great daycare dogs--spunky and fun, with attitudes a lot bigger than their size! We're glad to have this lovely lady here with us,

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