Friday, March 29, 2013

Dear Doodle Lucy

Joining ranks with other doodle-dogs today was sweet Lucy. This one-year-old Australian Labradoodle was in great curly company with the medium pack. From purebred Poodles Jaz and Peaches and Barkley, to Labradoodles Lucy and Gracie, to Goldendoodle Sophie-Alice, the medium roll was full to the brim with curly friends.

Lucy wasn't too sure what to do with the other pups, but she spoke good "dog" and greeted all the other pack members cordially. We think that in time, the other dogs will show her the ropes, and this curly girl will get the hang of Fort Fido-- she'll learn that this is a place to make new friends, socialize, and expel excess energy.

We are all looking forward to watching this sweet girl learn and grow with us and the pack here at the Fort!


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