Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Tips and some great dog stories

Egg hunts and baskets of goodies can be a lot of fun for the whole family-- but, as with any holiday, it's important to make sure that your pets are kept safe from possible dangers. Chocolate is one of the run-of-the-mill dangers that we all know to look out for, but Easter can pose a few other risks for your pooch as well. Plastic eggs full of goodies are exciting to dogs and children alike, so make certain that dogs are kept well away from the "egg hunt" areas, and be sure to collect all the eggs after the hunt is through. Another hidden danger is the Easter Lily. This beautiful flower is toxic to many animals, so much so that even drinking the water they sat in can be dangerous. Keep an eye out, and keep the holiday fun for everyone!


After a heart attack left her incapacitated, a two-year old rescue pup saved her owner's life. Puggle Joleen alerted others in the house that something was wrong, and then tended to her foster mom Mary-Louise, licking her to keep her alert. After this scare, Mary-Louise couldn't help but adopt this special little lady. What an amazing beginning to their relationship! Sometimes we save a dog, but most of the time, the dog saves us.

Here's a funny one-- a police officer imitated a dog to convince suspects to give up running from the law. He must do one hell of an impression!


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