Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sweet Sarah, the Golden Girl

We've had a couple of great new additions this week! Today's fun pup was Sarah, a five year old Golden Retriever who is equally at home with the big dogs and the tiny pups. She could have been sisters with Rosey, our longtime boarding buddy, and the two made a cute pair. Sarah hasn't busted out all the stops quite yet, but I'm confident that when she is more comfortable with the environment, we'll get to see more and more of her "wild and crazy" side (I think all dogs have one!). For now, we saw a sweet, observant, and calm side of Sarah that made her a really great addition to the pack. Her calm energy was welcome. Hope to be seeing her again soon!

Have a great St. Patrick's Day, for those inclined to celebrate ;-) I think Marty is ahead of all of us!
See you again soon!


P.S.-- Check out this funny Harlem Shake-- even canines can't resist the allure of viral videos!

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