Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dashing Dexter!

We met this fine, dapper gentleman today, and he fit right in with our pack! Calm and confident Dexter, a ten-year-old Pekingese-Tibetan Spaniel mix, had a lot of butt-sniffing and tail-wagging action. He was confident even in the mixed-bag that we have on Saturdays-- a group of both small and medium dogs all together in a pack.

Although he didn't bust out all the moves, he always kept a relaxed posture. The calming presence of older pack members is always welcome for us. We have found that having some of these guys mixed in with the puppies and young adults can have a really good balancing effect on the overall energy levels. In short-- this kind of peace is contagious! I really look forward to having Dexter with us again in the future!


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