Saturday, March 9, 2013

Couple of Clips and a Funny Pic

This is Gordon's idea of comfy!
My pup Gordon never ceases to crack me up-- his new favorite place to nap is right in front of the fireplace. Whoever said that brick can't be comfy?

Diego (you definitely want to click that link! This pup needs his own Instagram :-P ) and Phoebe were caught on candid camera having a little romp here. These two both know how to have a good time, even if you can hear Bess being a little jealous in the background (who can blame her? It looks like fun).

Little Puggle Sammy has been staying a few days with us, and his time had definitely been well spent! Here is a peek of him playing with his buddy Gracie, a feisty little labradoodle. The medium roll sure was rockin' this week!


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