Friday, April 3, 2015

Please welcome Kaylee, Jupiter & Rainier!

Yesterday we Assessed Kaylee, she is a nine month old, about twenty-five pound, Labrador Retriever and Boxer Mix. Now Kaylee is a very sweet, yet very shy and timid canine. She is here at The Fort, to socialize, play, and gain some confidence. We escorted Kaylee to the Medium Play Area, where she was quite unsure about what she was here to do... However, upon meeting some other canines, Kaylee quickly blossomed, it was an awesome surprise! What she lacks in confidence with humans and new surroundings, she makes up for ten-fold, in dog-play and socialization. Kaylee sprinted around, and played hard with several different members of the Medium Roll's pack. It was a pleasure to see. We believe that Fort Fido can do a lot for Kaylee's confidence and well being. Given time and consistency, we know she can become an even better, and less timid adult dog.

Here, Kaylee has some fun sprinting around with Winnie and Louis, good times!

Today we had a doubleheader of Assessments. Meet Jupiter and Rainier!

Jupiter is a energy-filled, eight month old, fifty-five pound, Blue Merle, Australian Shepherd.

Rainier is a calm, eight month old, fifty pound, Black and White Colored, Australian Shepherd.

Jupiter and Rainier are the type of dogs that would be able to handle both our Medium and Large Play areas. To warm them up to our place, we had them try the Medium Roll on for size. One therein, the two "dog brothers" explored their new surroundings merrily. After a few minutes, it was time to begin to meet the pack. Both Jupiter and Rainier did so properly, and with gusto! They befriended several of the pack members within minutes. They took a real liking to Louis, Shiva, and Otis, among others. We were thrilled to see these two high-energy herding dogs, fit in so well, play, and be liked by the pack so quickly. We have a feeling that We'll be seeing these two dudes again for sure!

In the clips that follow, you can spot both Jupiter and Rainier enjoying themselves.

All of our newcomers have done a real swell job the last couple of days, rock on! Welcome to Fido's Pack.

Have a great weekend and a nice Holiday,

P.S. There is still room tonight, and this weekend, for Overnight Boarding. If you need to get your dog in, give us a call and reserve your spot.

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