Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Today The Fort's crew met up with Jack for his Assessment. He is a gorgeous, nine year old, ninety pound, Dutch Shepherd. Jack is experiencing some household changes, so he is here to get out some energy... In turn, this should aid him in staying more calm and balanced at home.

 Jack entered into our Big Roll without a hitch. We had him get his bearings in the play area for a bit, before introducing him to Big Boy Bounce! The two XL canines exchanged sniffs and kept fluid bodies while greeting. It was really a "text book" dog meeting, healthy, and great to see. It's clear that Jack enjoys socializing and playing with other dogs, apparently he is a Dog Park regular too, good stuff. As the day went on, Jack got to meet the rest of the Big Pack, and continued to do well within it. He played a lot and stayed quite entertained during his whole visit. We'd like to welcome Jack to Fort Fido, swell job today boy, we'll see ya again soon.

Checkout Jack in action this morning with Benny:

Be well,


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