Monday, April 13, 2015


Today we assessed the happy-go-lucky pup, Rose. She is a very sweet and slightly shy, four month old, twenty-seven pound, Yellow Labrador Retriever. Rose wiggled through our lobby with much curiosity. From there, we escorted her to The Fort's Medium Roll Play Area, where we knew she'd be a perfect fit. Once inside the roll, Rose proceeded to explore it with caution. After a little bit of time passed, we had her meet up with Dolce. The two dogs exchanged healthy greetings, and then ran around together, most definitely enjoying each other's company. Throughout the morning, Rose met up with the rest of the pack, doing really well but experiencing a wee bit of "sensory overload" lol. Rose is here to hone her canine social skills and get out a bit of that puppy-energy. She has an awesome temperament, and we know that she can grow up to be a well balanced adult canine. Rose can also get a lot out of the Dog Daycare environment. Welcome Rose, you did a fine job today and we look forward to seeing you again at Fort Fido!

You can watch a bit of, Rose meeting up with Dolce, in the following clip:



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