Friday, January 9, 2015

Jax the QT

To cap off a busy week here at Fort Fido, we assessed the extremely-cute, Jax. He is a wiggly, three month old, fifteen pound, brown/apricot colored Labradoodle. This little dude is quite the "heart-melter" lol. We escorted him to the Medium Roll, and although he would have done just fine with the little dogs, we wanted him to get his "socialization on" real proper like, and have him grow into his newly found pack. He needs to watch, listen, and learn, from some of the bigger and wiser canines.

Jax sniffed about the play area happily, just ecstatic about meeting the other dogs he knew would arrive. We had him meet up with the young live-wire, Daisy, first. It happened to be an excellent choice for a first meeting, because the two dogs hit it off in an instant! Hardly getting any "sniffs" in, Daisy and Jax skipped introductions, quickly proceeding to play.

As time passed and the pack grew, Jax continued to "meet and greet" with all of the canines, and play with a few different ones. He did quite well for a puppy, exhibiting pretty darn good canine-communication skills. Jax is here to socialize, burn off some energy, and learn to be a loveable "Dog's Dog"... You know the type, calm and balanced, good with people, and most importantly, good with other dogs. We believe, given time, consistency, and a little help from The Fort, that Jax can check all of the boxes, while becoming a very well rounded adult dog.

Keep up the good work pup-Jax and owners!

Have a relaxing weekend, GO HAWKS!


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