Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Howdy! Today we assessed the happy-go-lucky Zoey. She is a neat looking, ten month old, ninety-six pound, Labrador Retriever and Great Dane Mix. When Zoey first arrived at Fort Fido, she was not sure what was going on, and was a wee-bit hesitant to enter the play area. Once we got her into the Big Roll, she explored a bit,  and slowly began to settle down and relax. We had a feeling, that as soon as she met some other dogs, she'd become even more OK with the situation here... Sure enough, that proved more than true. Once Zoey began to meet the pack, her personality totally blossomed, and from that point, it was "game on" for the rest of the day. Zoey speaks good "Dog" and makes canine friends easily. She played hard, and took a particular liking to Brix, among several others. Zoey's great, we'd be quite pleased to see her at The Fort regularly.

Here you can catch Zoey in a bit of play-action with Brix, awesome!



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