Wednesday, January 14, 2015


(Other than sporting all-black, today's Boris, was nothing like the Rocky & Bullwinkle villain lol.)

Meet Boris! He is an extremely handsome, nine month old, seventy pound, Black Russian Terrier. This striking canine, stayed with us today in The Fort's Big Roll. There, he meandered about the place, meeting and greeting with the pack. Boris was quite comfortable with the experience, but unfortunately wasn't ready to get into any play. He's very well mannered, but maybe too much so lol, we really wanted to see him get to playing, and hopefully he will in future visits. One neat fact, is that Boris, just so happens to be the "little brother" of the beautiful, Zariah, who has been a Fort Fido member for some time now... What a neat and not too common breed, very cool!

Good job today Boris buddy, we'll see you next time.



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