Thursday, January 8, 2015

Freya & Verbena

What an awesome double-whammy we had today! Get a load of Freya & Verbena, who had their Assessments today. Freya, is a nine year old, 125 pound, blue merle, Great Dane... And Verbena, is a four year old, 140 pound, black colored, Great Dane. These two large and in charge Dane-gals, hung-out with us today in The Fort's Big Roll, naturally. Freya and Verbena both did very well here today. The more "mature" Freya, hung back from the pack a little, and carried more of an alpha presence with her. While Verbena, branched out a bit more socially. The two didn't really play too much, however, they most certainly interacted with the other canines, and enjoyed their stay.

Here, you can see Freya and Verbena getting to know the handsome Theodore... I think they were smitten with him lol.

Swell job today ladies, welcome to Fort Fido, hope to see you again!

Take it easy,


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