Friday, January 30, 2015

- Elsa -

Today Fort Fido's team met up with, Elsa, bright and early for her assessment. She is a spunky, seven month old, sixty pound, Rottweiler. This high-energy young canine, is coming to The Fort to hone her social skills and drain off some of her extra energy. Elsa had surgery about a month back, and has been a bit cooped-up and sedated ever since... However, you'd never know it by the looks of her! She was ready and raring to go this morning, especially after being introduced to the Big Roll Play Area. Inside, Elsa wiggled and wagged her whole body, happily greeting each and every pack member that arrived. For a young dog that hasn't been too socialized, she did a darn good job at "meeting and greeting". Elsa even made friends, and played, with Chedder, and several others, within minutes of her arrival.

 Here, Elsa and Chedder get into Beast Mode together.

We believe that Elsa can grow up into a very social, calm and well balanced adult dog. Rottweilers, are what we here at The Fort call, "a lot of dog". In the wrong hands, and with the wrong set of "rules", they can quickly become unpleasant and hard to manage. The reason, is because they are an extremely smart, strong, and athletic "Power Breed"... One with brute-strength, and a headstrong attitude, particularly, when in the presence of weak leadership. Given time, consistency, a strict routine, and very strong leadership, today's Elsa can thrive. Fort Fido is happy to have her join our ranks because she had a really good time here. We hope that she can be kept on the right track and can continue to blossom. You go girl!

Enjoy your weekend, and the Superbowl, if that's your thing.


P.S. We have plenty of room here at Fort Fido on Superbowl Sunday. Several of our customers are in Arizona for the game, and many more will be dropping their canines off for Daycare and or Overnight Boarding around Sunday... You know... To keep them out of the queso dip lol! Feel free to have your canine pal join us.

P.P.S. That reminds me, if you are having or attending a party for the Big Game, please keep Fido out of the snacks! Make sure your friends and family do the same. Monday after the Superbowl tends to be a Dog-Daycare-Diarrhea-Fest, and nobody wants that. Here, dogs with diarrhea get crated, and don't get to play as much, nobody wants that either. ;)

(Russel Wilson with one of his Great Danes!)

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