Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oops! & Two great pics!

On Yesterdays post, I forgot to mention another member of the "Luther Pack" that attended The Fort regularly until her passing. Doh! My apologies for not mentioning you Miss Gracie. She was one heck of a dog, one of the oldest The Fort has ever had in the Big Roll. Although she was sort of on her "last legs" when she started, she was extremely sweet and did surprisingly well with the pack.

In other news... Hannah and Logan's ma sent me in two great pictures this morning. The pups just had their very first beauty parlor day hahaha. Don't they look sharp? Hannah's face is priceless and Logan looks to be his charming self, as usual!


P.S. As always, email us those awesome pics of your Fort Fido dog. We like to collect them and love putting them up on our blog.

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