Friday, June 10, 2011

some good shots and links

Golden Retriever Buddy and Boxer McGee couldn't get enough of each other today... It shows in this clip from the Big Roll.

From the medium play area we see Miss Hershey and Mr. Winston having a go at playing together. "Opposites attract" is what I thought when I witnessed that one lol.

Another good one from the Medium Roll has Barkley (if you click that Barkley link it will show a search of all the Barkley Blog Posts, there are several, he's a character!:) giving Niko a run for his money. Barkley plays regularly with two huge Norwegian Elkhounds and thinks he is one hahaha! Needless to say, he has no problem handling himself around bigger dogs.

Upstairs in the Little Roll it was business as usual. A great gang of little pack members ready to play fast and furiously at ball time.

Trouble, the dog who inherited $12m from billionaires dies

Firefighters rescue dog after plunge in river

Dog takes a clue from 'Lassie'

What your dog wants you to know about the heat

Dogs can instinctively sense a friendly face

Enjoy your weekend!


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