Wednesday, June 15, 2011

- - - Zesty Ziva! - - -

New pup Ziva was in this morning for her assessment. She is a stunning, seven-month-old, sixty pound, German Shepherd.

We started Ziva in the Medium Roll where most large breed puppies start. Eventually they head to the Big Roll once they get their bearings and or start to get "too big for their britches".

Intelligent and High energy Ziva didn't last long in the Medium play area, she was ready to get her schooling from the dogs in the big pack now! Once we set her up in the Big Roll, she truly flourished. This dog loves the daycare environment and really learned from the corrections given to her by the senior pack members (mama Maggie in particular). Ziva is learning quickly what is ok and what isn't in the pack. Nice job today Ziva, we will see you tomorrow where school will be in session once again! :)

Take it easy,


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