Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In loving memory of Mazie, Jasper & Dukey

*Edit* Sooo sorry for forgetting to mention Miss Gracie in this post!

Unfortunately I have a bit of sad news to report today.

Good friend of The Fort Mazie recently crossed The Rainbow Bridge. Her and her brother (the late, Jasper) attended Fort Fido regularly until it got to be a bit too much for them. They were both really neat and darn lucky dogs whose last days couldn't have been better!

Their owner is a marvelous gal who continuously rescues large/old dogs that others have discarded or abandoned. She cleans them up, feeds them well, takes them to the vet, takes them to doggy daycare and (most importantly) gives them the love they truly deserve.

Lucky for us, we still see old-timer Luther and the houses latest pooch Payton a few times a week. Luther (who originally started with Dukey, R.I.P.) has been coming for over three years and is going strong. He is a highly intelligent "Alpha Male" mix breed who does wonders for us in the Big Roll. I'm sure Luther is wondering what new pack member he'll inherit next. ;)

Take it easy,


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