Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Double Trouble!

Well, actually not at all, just two great assessments, two nice dogs!

First up was Locoe. He is a seven month old, fourteen pound, Shih Tzu. Locoe journeyed upstairs to the little roll and explored a bit. He teamed up some with Hunter, following him around and greeting the pack. We here at The Fort think Locoe will begin to play more in time, he should really benefit from doggie daycare because he is young enough.

Our second assessment this morning was Peaches. Peaches is a two year old, forty-six pound, apricot colored, Standard Poodle. She is a rescue dog that has a great new family... Her new sister is Jaz, a Fort Fido regular that does wonderful here. Peaches entered the Medium Roll with new sis Jaz and flourished! She is a real go getter that met the pack and fell in love, playing a lot, especially for a first day. When I put my pooch Gibson in, he and Peaches hit it off right away.

Way to go Locoe and Peaches, awesome job today!

Take it easy,


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