Thursday, February 17, 2011

Busy, busy...

We had two more assessments this morning. What a whirlwind of a week, Friday soon already?

Anywho, meet Mia. She is a nine month old, ten pound (?), chocolate brown and silver highlighted, darling, Cocker Spaniel. Mia did exceptionally well upstairs in the Little Roll. She had a lot of fun with the "Mini Pack" and we all hope she'll attend more frequently.

Next up was Marley. He is a one year old, sixty-five pound, spunky, Golden Retriever. Marley was a Big Roll canidate. He took to the pack alright but has some things to learn. Marley is a handsome looking dog, we hope he'll attend more so he can work on his social skills. He wasn't bad (Or he wouldn't be on the blog lol), he was just a pistol.


In other news, one of my fellow band members (Yes, I play the Bagpipes in a PipeBand, more on that at a later date) Jeff sent me a link to one of his great video clips. Check it out here... Unfortunately Hector has passed. I'll bet he was an amazing dog, I'm a fan of Cairn Terriers. Our very first customer (almost five years ago) was Faramir the Cairn Terrier (you know, Toto). He still comes to this day.



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