Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome Cherio and Buddy!

This week has already started off full speed despite the fact that it is Presidents Day.

This morning we welcomed two assessments Cherio and Buddy.

Cherio was up first. He is a six year old, forty-five pound, black and white, Border Collie that jogged to his assessment with his owner. Cherio is a happy and hardy little guy that we had in the Medium Roll. He was a very good dog but was a bit camera shy. Cherio went straight to play and was quite exuberent.

Second this morning was Buddy. He is a nine month old, seventy-five pound, Golden Retriever. Buddy's "Uncle" Hunter has been attending The Fort for years, he's a great Medium Roller. Buddy is a big boy that headed to the Big Roll. He was excited to be here and romped a bit with the pack.

Both these dogs did well this morning. They should start to "Bust Out" even more once they get into a routine. A good morning was had by all.

Happy President's Day,


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