Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fonzie and Penny

  Fonzie was one of our assessments this morning. He's a Terrier mix that weighs twenty two pounds and is only seven months old. This little guy mingled with the dogs in our Small Dog Program and had a great time learning the rules of daycare, and how to hang out with the rest of his new friends. 

P.S, does his name make you think of someone- particularly someone who used to be pretty famous? 

Yes, Fonzie was named after the coolest "bad boy" around, The Fonz! 

  Penny was our other adorable assessment. She's an eleven month old, Yorkshire Terrier
that weighs eleven pounds! We noticed right away that this girl is very aware of her surroundings; she doesn't miss much. She's a keen dog that had a fun time doing her thing today, and learning where her place is at, within the pack. She even made a new friend with a Wired Fox Terrier, named Bella Adele.

Have a marvelous evening,

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