Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Rudy Meets Zoey

Back in May of 2016, we met Zoey for the first time... Here's some photos of her as a pup!

She's a Standard Poodle! 

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of meeting Rudy, who is actually Zoey's half brother! These two are about a year apart, and live in separate homes, but they DO share the same father, and daycare. 

They actually met each other for the first time today! Who knew you could find your long lost sibling at a daycare!? Since Rudy started out in our Puppy Program, he graduated to our Medium Dog Program today, where he met Zoey. He was getting much too big to hang out with the smaller pups, and his energy was skyrocketing; we knew it was time. Check them out below!

Rudy loved hanging out with his big sister's friends...

Aren't they adorable together?

I'm looking forward to watching Rudy grow up, and see how he turns out compared to his bigger sister!

Have a good night everyone,

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