Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Rudy and Jerry

Rudy came into The Fort to join our Puppy Program all bright eyed, and bushy tailed Tuesday morning. This little guy is a ten month old, twelve pound Standard Poodle. He did exceptionally well on his first day, and made a couple friends! One of the dogs he took a particular liking to was Lucy, we even got them playing on video together; check 'em out! 

Another cool thing that we discovered yesterday is that Rudy actually already has a half sister, coming to Fort Fido. No, they aren't from the same household either; check out Zoey! She's a standard poodle in our Medium Dog Program that joined us just around this time last year! Rudy and Zoey share the same Dad, and I'm looking forward to watching Rudy grow up, and eventually join his sister with her friends.

Jerry was today's handsome assessment. He's a three in a half year old Greyhound that joined our Medium Dog Program and weighs seventy two pounds. This dashing dog had a wonderful time meeting his new play buddies... He was intermixed with the pack all morning, and even found a friend named, Nala.

Both Rudy and Jerry are welcome to come back for more daycare fun whenever they please.
Have a marvelous night, Shaunte' 

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