Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Eva & Maximus

   Eva joined our Small Dog Program yesterday morning with grace and ease. She's a three year old, Maltese/ Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle Mix that weighs ten pounds. When she first entered her new play area, she romped around with the other dogs, scoped out her surroundings, and discovered one of our cool benches where she then jumped onto and hung out; looking all pretty. I think her name definitely suits her. She's just about as graceful as the famous, Ava Gardner herself.

  This morning we welcomed Maximus into The Fort for his assessment. He's a very handsome one in a half year old Boxer that weighs forty five pounds. We noticed right away that this one is a social butterfly. He had a lot of fun meeting and greeting his new dog friends, and played quite a bit. He fit right in with all the other dogs in our Large Dog Program just as if he was the missing puzzle piece.

  Both Eva and Max are more than welcome to come back whenever they please.

Have a wonderful night.

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