Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Georgia & Kaizr

  Take a look at this gorgeous girl, Georgia! Georgia's a sweet little five month old, forty pound German Shepherd puppy! She joined our  Medium Dog Program bright and early Tuesday morning and did wonderfully.
She's a beautiful dog with a whole lot of curiosity and love. I adore her eyebrows; they're so expressive. We met Georgia's owner, Kaley, quite a few months back when she brought in her sister Darla, for an assessment. She's the pretty girl in the photo above.

  And this handsome fellow is Kaizr. We met him this morning for his assessment and noticed immediately how great of a dog he is, as well as his owners. His dad Victor, was the one that dropped him off. He showed great leadership skills towards Kaizr, we could tell how much love he has for him; he's one lucky pup! Kaizr is an English Bulldog that weighs fifty pounds and is one year old. 

  I hope to see Georgia and Kaizr soon!
Have a good night, Shaunte'

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