Tuesday, December 16, 2014

We found Nemo!

Meet Nemo, he is a one year old, twenty-three pound, Australian Cattle Dog and Border Collie Mix, that had his assessment at Fort Fido today. Nemo seemed fascinated upon entering The Fort's lobby. He obviously knew that some type of doggy-interaction was in store. We led him to the Medium Roll, where he could explore a bit, before getting introduced to the pack. Nemo began to meet with the other canines in a kindly fashion, excited and curious, yet cautious. After about an hour or so, Nemo really began to bust out! It was a pleasurable sight to see, he play-bowed, ran, jumped, and wagged, with several different pack members. Nemo took quite a liking to Walter, Lucky, and Lucy, among others. We were pleased that Nemo had such a good first day here. Like many of our canines guests, Nemo, is here to sharpen his communication skills, and most importantly, play... Which will hopefully get some of his energy out lol. Nice job Nemo, we'll see ya soon!

Take the time to checkout this outstanding clip, which shows Nemo, getting to know Walter for the first time. It's a classic instance of  "meet & greet", turning into play, almost instantly. That's what it's all about!



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