Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Get to know Rocky, who had his assessment at Fort Fido this morning. He is a seasoned, eleven year old, sixteen pound, Shih Tzu Mix. A Dog Daycare Veteran, Rocky, strutted into our lobby ready to get things started. After getting to know our Little Roll solo for a bit, it was time for Rocky to meet the other canines. He met the others with confidence, and his canine communication skills proved to be quite good. He meets and greets with other dogs in an easygoing fashion. Rocky didn't get into much play while he visited today, but that was expected due to his mature age... He just walked around the play area slowly, occasionally sniffing here and there. Mostly, Rocky just relaxed, seemingly comfortable with his new-found surroundings, and "elder" status amongst the pack. We are happy to welcome Rocky to The Fort and plan on seeing him again soon.

Take it easy,


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