Thursday, December 11, 2014

_ Xena _

This morning, Fort Fido's team got to meetup with the sweet-tempered Xena. She is a pretty, four year old, forty-five pound, German Shorthaired Pointer. Xena is a very nice dog, that size wise, could handle our Big Dog Play Area, however, due to her slight timidness, we had her give the Medium Roll a go. Over there, Xena was a bit overwhelmed at first, but slowly began to warm up to the other canines. As more dogs entered the play area, she began to wag her stubby-tail happily, with each and every new arrival. Xena's canine communication skills aren't too bad, she's just more of the shy type, that gets to know others slowly. Although she didn't play too much this visit, we wouldn't be surprised is she started to in future visits,  especially after getting even more comfortable here. All in all, Xena is one pleasant dog that is welcome to The Fort anytime. Nice job girl!

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