Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Meet Mighty Milo! He is a two year old, seventy five pound, Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix. Milo had his assessment this morning and did quite well. He entered our Big Roll effortlessly, ready to make some canine friends. We introduced him to Tucker and Theodore right away, and the three dogs became "bash brothers" within minutes lol. Milo is one happy-go-lucky pooch, and it is apparent that he has been properly socialized. To fit in with the group, and be comfortable enough to play, so quickly, is a real compliment to Milo and his owners. He speaks "Dog" fluently, and has a "fast" play-style. It's really great when an "Assessment Dog" or "New Dog" works out so easily... It makes everyone's work much easier.  All in all, Milo did an outstanding job here at The Fort today. We look forward to his return.

Get a load of Milo having fun!

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