Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Big Sis Bonnie

Last week, The Fort Fido Crew got to meet up with Little Dog Eddie... This week, we got the pleasure of meeting Eddie's "older sister", Bonnie. Bonnie is a mature, fourteen old, sixteen pound, Affenpinscher. This cute little old gal, didn't do half bad here in the Small Dog Play Area. She putted around with her little brother a bit, and seemed fairly comfortable with our place. Bonnie really didn't get too rowdy, or into any play, however, that was kind of expected given her age. She communicates with other canines well, and handled the pack, and it's energy, without a care. I also think being with Eddie, gave her some comfort and normalcy as well. Bonnie is a sweet dog, that is more than welcome to attend The Fort anytime. All for now!

Take care,

P.S. The Affenpinscher, is a really neat breed that we don't see too often, learn a bit more about them here.

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