Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mellifluous Matilda

Feast your eyes on Matilda (Tilly). She is a sharp looking, ten month old, forty-five pound, Australian Kelpie. Tilly followed us to the Medium Roll, where we thought she would fit in best. Once inside the play area, she sniffed around and seemed up for anything. As pack members arrived and entered the play area, Tilly's eyes lit up! She thoroughly enjoyed meeting and greeting with the different canines that arrived. For a young dog, Tilly communicates quite well, and it's clear that she has been around a dog or two in her day. Tilly would wag her tail excitedly with every sniff of dog, jaunting around each individual happily, while getting to know them. Later in the morning, Tilly began to play rigorously. She had a great time with puppy-Jack, among others, and continued to socialize vigorously throughout her visit. Tilly is most welcome to attend The Fort. Swell job today girl! The Pack can't wait to meet with you again.

In the following clip, Tilly, is found having some fun with Jack McCoy.

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