Monday, June 9, 2014

Photos / YouTube Vids

Today I thought I'd post some great photos that have been taken around Fort Fido recently, a couple by David, and a few by Zach.

Bess looking prim and proper.

 Bess being cute.
Bounce cheesin it for the camera.
 Sarah too!
Nancy and Kirby are buds.
 Her and Rusty are too, believe it or not haha.

Summer loves to be goofy, this is her in a nutshell.
In other happenings, here are some Dog Related YouTube videos that I have found and enjoyed lately... Hopefully you'll get a kick out of them as well!
Great Dane puppy at 3:30am Talking
Dog treadmill
HAPPY DOGS in Australia - Pharrell Williams Happy
Dogs Annoying Cats with Their Friendship - Huffington Post
3 lb yorkie and his 30 lb carry on  
My Dad With Our Dog
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