Monday, January 20, 2014

Two new dogs!

This last Saturday, we assessed Cooper. He is a darn-cute, three month old, twelve pound, Black Labrador Retriever. Cooper did really well here with the Medium Roll pack. He is a very sweet and exited young puppy, eager to please and play. Cooper got along nicely, becoming pals with Pepper (to no surprise) and Seamus.

Bella had her assessment this morning. She is a beautiful, nine month old, 55 pound, Sheepadoodle. Bella tried out both The Big, and Medium Rolls. After a bit of time, she ended up feeling right at home with the Medium Roll Pack. There, Bella wagged and engaged in a bit of play with a few different canines (including Cooper). It was a great first visit for Bella.

Both Cooper and Bella are welcome back here to The Fort anytime. We can't wait to have them in again.

You can catch a glimpse of Bella and Cooper in the following clip.

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