Friday, January 17, 2014

== Bodacious Beagle ==

Capping off our busy and New-Dog-filled week, was Beagle. She is a one year old, eighteen pound... Yes, you guessed it... Beagle! Although small in stature, due to coming from a large litter, Beagle is "large" with personality. Because of this, we decided to try her in The Fort's Medium Roll. This way, she will be able to get much more out of her Dog Daycare experience. Sometimes we must match groups of dogs by their play-styles and energy levels, rather than just their size. After a little bit of "meeting & greeting" with the pack, Beagle was swiftly on to play. She's quite the social-butterfly, seemingly interested in every single canine she comes across. Beagle did an awesome job today and we hope to see her here again in the future.
Here is Little Miss Beagle gallivanting with the likes of Georgie, Mac, and others.


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