Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dog Movie Throwbacks

The other night, I was struck with nostalgia after seeing Budweiser's upcoming Super Bowl commercial, "Puppy Love". It reminded me of many of the classic, canine-related, family movies and shows that I loved watching in my childhood.

Although I am far too young to have truly experienced the original Lassie Movie (1943), I did love watching reruns of the black and white television show on Nickelodeon. Timmy and his antics were quite the crackup to me back then. And who, at the tender age of nine in 1994, couldn't resist the charms of Michelle Williams in the Lassie remake film. She was most definitely, one, of my many first crushes. Puppy love? Lol!

One of my absolute favorite "pet films" was the 1986 classic, The Adventures of Milo and Otis! This movie was so fun to watch as a kid, real heartwarming and what not. I believe it to be the precursor to the equally amazing, Homeward Bound series of pet movies.

Basically, any show or movie with a "talking dog" or animal, thoroughly entertained me back than. When I say "talking dog", I'm referring to how the narration was done in those films... None of this Air Bud style junk with moving mouths lol! However, I'm sure there are a lot of children in love with the Air Bud series. Maybe I would have loved it too, if we had that superior CGI graphic technology in the early nineties, or, if I was younger... Yup... Suddenly in 1997, I became far too old for "talking dog" movies. Bummer. Anywho, I still love a few of those funny-dog-classics... Including the original Beethoven, ya can't forget about that gem.

For some rather enjoyable, and more grownup, canine-related family cinema, give A Dog Year and The Cave of the Yellow Dog a try. If you are really hard-up, there is always Marley and Me... But please, don't somehow "recreate" that beast in your life, and send it into The Fort. Hahaha!


P.S. Well actually, if your Marley-esque pooch can pass our assessment day, they're in. We can and do take care of several rowdy (high energy) canines daily. It's pretty much our biz, and what we do best. ;)

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