Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dog on the bed? & Clips

A widely debated topic about dogs/dog training is whether or not to let your dog sleep on your bed with you.

Here at Fort Fido, we tell folks, simply, "Don't do it!". It has the potential of opening a whole can of worms.

Many folks do let there pooch on the bed and I understand it fully, the kid in me does as well... Let's face it, it's fun to get cozy and cuddle with your pet who is obviously a loving member of the family (pack). Yet, multiple problems can arise from allowing your fuzzy buddy to snooze with you.

For us, it isn't about hygiene or allergies, although, after reading several articles, that could be a problem for some. Nobody wants to get sick, albeit, I think that's rare. Our problem is when folks let their dog "Rule the bed" (or other furniture).

Letting the dog decide when and where they can sleep is the issue. Over the years we've heard several horror stories of dogs growling/snapping at their owners/owners guests when they attempt to remove the dog from the bed or off of the furniture. Now that is a major problem! We here at The Fort strongly believe in being the leader of our pack/dog(s) and making the decisions. When people begin to let their pet decide things (like being on the bed whenever the y please), it can become a roller-coaster of disaster, with many behavioral problems surfacing, due to seemingly harmless and unconscious actions.

Don't want to beat a dead horse here lol. I think most everyone grasps what I'm saying. However, apparently, many pet behaviorists and scientist have debunked the whole "Be the pack leader" style of training. Who knows, we only know what works for us and plenty of others... Ever heard of Cesar Millan? Hahaha, not many can debate him and we certainly wouldn't. Maybe a happy medium is in order? Here is an example, truthfully, it's exactly what I do and what works for my "Pack Family".

Gibson is allowed on the bed when we want him to be on the bed, simple! First and foremost, we choose the time, then call him up... Our bed is pretty high but he must jump up to be in it. Nobody is going to pick him up and set him in lol. After that, he may cuddle with us in the bed until we are ready to fall asleep. This is the part that's no fun haha... We get up and put him in his crate (that is next to the bed, on the ground) for the night. This works because my wife and I decide, Gibby doesn't have carte blanche, problems don't arise.

We use the "No free lunch" and "You don't decide" methods exclusively. Believe me, my dog and I still have our quirks and issues but for the most part, things are wonderful when we stick to these practices. One thing I can attest to, is that Gibson has absolutely no Separation Anxiety. I was adamant in enacting a plan that would prevent that common and darn right annoying behavioral problem. It's the scourge of many a dog and human relationship. Too many owners out there send mix messages to their pets. Before they know it, the animals believes they are on the same level as them and become ready to make "doggy decisions". Not good!

Agree or disagree, that's my .02 ¢.


Good luck to you and your pack members! Here are some other articles about "The dog on the bed". Not all of them are my style, research and see what works for you. As long as you and your pet are happy and there are no considerable behavioral problems, good on you guys!

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