Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pups in the News!

Curl up with the news!

I rustled up a few interesting doggie articles in the news today. First up is the story of a thousand-dollar dog lunch. Literally! A family dog ate $1000 in cash that was left in an envelope on the counter. Now that is an expensive meal.

A four-legged veteran is getting stem-cell treatment to help her arthritis and to improve the quality of her life.

A newly-adopted Saint Bernard defended his new family from a burglar, chasing him from the basement. This was only seven hours after having been adopted!

Therapy dogs visit students with autism, and provide a unique experience for these children.

A pup that was dragged behind a pickup now has a new home, where she can recover and be safe.

In case you didn't know, this is National Pet Adoption Weekend. Today and tomorrow from 9-6 at all Petco locations, there will be adoptable dogs and cats as well as more "nontraditional" pets--rabbits, guinea pigs, and others. The Humane Society is teaming up as well, bringing some of their adoptable cats and rabbits.

This one isn't dog-related, but it's still pretty shocking to see that there was a black bear wandering Lakewood!

Have a great weekend!


P.S.--The Seattle Times has a great list of pet events available on their website, check them out and see if there's anything you're interested in!

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