Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sweet Dog Stories

A few days ago, I found this neat link to a story about a Jack Russel Terrier named Lily who loves to chase bicycles. It's just amazing how well she can keep up with her owner. I know that my pup would give up after a minute or two--he definitely wouldn't keep pace for over a mile!

Dogs with dementia are being considered as possible candidates for medical trials that will help to find cures to Alzheimer's in humans.

Golly is an 11-year-old English Setter who hasn't let a major disability hold him back from his passion for hunting. Though you wouldn't know it, Golly is almost completely blind.

This story is incredibly sad, but also a great example of why we remove all coats, collars, harnesses, et cetera that dogs are wearing when they attend daycare at the Fort. A pup died while being boarded when her collar and tags got wedged in a fence. My heart goes out to her family.

If there is room for another furry friend in your life, Kindred Souls Foundation has recently rescued more than 50 dogs from a hoarding situation, and they are looking for good homes for these pups.

I hope that you all enjoyed the holiday!


P.S.--Check out the schedule for Santa photos at the Tacoma Mall- there are reserved times for pet photos, if you are interested in a cute and furry holiday picture for your cards this year!

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