Wednesday, November 9, 2011

News of the day

How dogs evolved into 'Our Best Friends' (A neat read here...)

Rhode Island Dog named 'Cutest Mutt Alive' (I'm not voting against that guy, pretty darn cute!)

What's your dog's purpose? (To be my best buddy, although he thinks it's to herd and "wrangle the pack")

Veterinary Q&A (Good stuff here, minus the "finicky eater part". Changing foods is actually how one creates a finicky dog. Those poor Veterinarians only go through a two-week brush through on "Nutrition", just feed Kumpi, you can trust them. You and your dog will be fine. There's no money to be made in healthy pets! ;) I better stop lol...)

Japanese company develops robot guide dog (Amazing, although it can't possibly compare to the real thing IMO.)

Hero Dog Awards (I'm sure this will be corny and funny, in a good way.)

Dog volunteers help improve reading levels (I'm all for this, besides, there is a Sheltie at that school, no wonder the kids are doing good haha!)

Video game controlled by toy dog (No doubt this guy will be flying off the shelves.)

Dog and horse become fast friends (Hilarious Frenchy!)



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