Friday, June 11, 2010

A double header!

We had two assessments at the fort this morning. The first was Pepper, she is a eight month old, 55 pound Labrador Retriever. What can I say about Pepper... She is high energy, even after a two mile run! She is the rowdiest we've seen since Ryker (and of course they became friends instantly) lol. Although she's super spunky, Pepper is a good dog. I am sure we will see her in the Big Roll again soon.

Our second assessment was Abby. Abby is a six month old, 43 pound, Goldendoodle with beautiful black and white hair (haven't seen too many like her). Abby wasn't quite as gung-ho as Miss Pepper but she did awesome and really seemed to enjoy herself. Abby is going to be a splendid addition to the Medium Roll.

Boy am I stoked for tomorrow's weather! Get out there and enjoy it! :)

P.S. You gotta check this article out, what a trek!

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