Saturday, June 12, 2010

Old friends and new friends

A while back I blogged about Omar, the old Dalmatian, and a Shiba Inu/ Australian Shepherd mix named Niko. Well, they were back to their old tricks again today--I don't think they've seen each other since that day in April. Omar was just as happy to play with him today as he was last time.

Niko made his rounds, and played with a lot of the dogs here today--he had an especially good time playing with Lillie, a Yellow Lab puppy.

Abby, a beautiful black goldendoodle, just started at the Fort yesterday, but she's already making friends! Today she was excited to play with Teddy (a real little guy), and Chloe (a tall Weimeraner). Here's a clip of her and Teddy!

When they were getting tired, Chloe and Teddy jumped up to nap on top of the crates, near the sunshine.

Let's hope our summery weather lasts!


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