Friday, February 12, 2010

Jake & Lila

Just a clip of Jake & Lila having a good 'ol time in the Medium Roll today!

In other news, I was surprised to find this article on MSN's homepage the other day. I don't want to alarm anyone but it is interesting... We've heard many odd stories regarding veterinary care. Please just be cautious and don't get taken on a ride ($$$) just because it tugs at the heart strings.

* Look out, the following is a Kumpi plug/rant, yes we sell it and the reason... We can trust it! *

If a vet clinic encourages you to put your dog on a "special food" or "prescription diet" be wary, educate yourself first (it's all about money and "The Man" man lol). Kumpi may not be the cure all solution for pet food but it's NEVER had a recall and every batch goes through extensive testing for pathogens, freshness and quality of ingredients (to not ever have a recall). It's made in the USA and there are no ingredients from China. The money is spent on the food, not on fancy marketing. In short, just because your dog's food is from The Vet doesn't necessarily mean it's right or healthy (Cough! Hills Science Diet. Cough!).

* Off rant lol *

We won't get me started on Doctors lol! Have a good weekend,


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