Saturday, February 20, 2010

Doggie Heroism and some clips.

We all know that dogs can sometimes do incredibly heroic things. Here is a story about Blue the Queensland Heeler, who stoically tended a lost child through a cold desert night in Arizona.

Here's a story about a Florida Schnauzer named Toby who pulled his owners to a very sick cat, whom they brought to Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary and Hospital for treatment.

One last story, this time about a Pomeranian who alerted the household after his owner suffered a violent epileptic seizure. Gangsta, the Pomeranian, barked and yipped until his owners sister came to check on her.

If you're interested in more stories of canine heroes, go to and search "dog saves life." Pages and pages of stories will come up for you to check out.

Now here are those clips I promised you!
First we have Truman the Labrador and Chloe the Weimaraner playing ball. Or, more accurately, Chloe running with the ball getting Truman to give chase. :-D

Next we have Chloe's personal statement about coming to Fort Fido! I don't think that girl ever stops wagging her tail.

Have another great weekend, and enjoy this lovely weather!


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