Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tweet tweet!

Who would have thought that dogs would soon be breaking into the Twitter phenomena! Mattel announced the impending release of a gadget called "Puppy Tweets," which owners can put on their dog's collar and will transmit messages to Twitter (called "Tweets") automatically. Puppy Tweets captures the dog’s level of activity and barking and translates that to a humorous or poignant tweet that’s sure to make the owner smile.

In other news, three new breeds of dog have been officially recognized by the AKC and will be competing in the Westminster dog show. The Norwegian buhund, Irish red-and-white setter, and the Pyrenean shepherd have all been welcomed into the elite ranks of show dogs. Over the past 25 years the AKC has recognized 25 new breeds, and there is a list of about 60 other breeds that are lobbying for recognition. The Westminster dog show looks to be getting more and more interesting as even more breeds are recognized in the years to come.

Check out a clip from the Fort: check out the action in this video! Annie, who is usually with the medium-sized dogs, certainly made the most of her romp with the big dogs today! Annie is a mixed breed, with some Boston Terrier and Retriever in her. Walter and Max are both Standard Poodles. Walter is a little smaller, darker, and fluffier than his buddy Max.

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