Friday, February 5, 2010

Ryker & a few shots from class

This morning's assessment was Ryker. He is an eight month old, 80 pound, Yellow Labrador Retriever. Talk about energy and excitement! When he came through the door I think he knew what was going on, "Yes, It's time to play Doggie!". Ryker played (or at least tried to play) with almost everyone in the Big Roll. He made quite a few buddies and really ripped it up, in short, he was into it! We plan on seeing more of Ryker, Doggie Daycare is really good for this one.

Take it easy this weekend,

P.S. Another Basic Obedience and Leadership class (with trainer Garrett Stevens) graduated last night, here are a couple of photos. Also added a clip of Ryker and Finn!

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