Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lilly and Trixie

The assessment this morning was a double header, Lilly and Trixie! Lilly and Trixie are sisters, they are 10 month old, Black & Tan (with white chests) Chihuahuas. I'd describe these little gals as elegant and good-natured. The easiest way to tell them apart is by their size. Lilly is 5.8 pounds while Trixie is 7 pounds. That has been helpful because they are practically twins! Lilly and Trixie took to the Small Dog Roll smoothly, they were excited, enganging in little "chase games". Neat dogs, totally welcome here at Fort Fido.


P.S. A few articles that may be of interest... Charles Dicken's dog collar sells at auction, a lucky pup is rescued from a storm drain and Sadie wins the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (o the politics lol, she just won the AKC best of show in December... Thousands of dogs, how can this be? Hahaha, sorry, it's all just strange to me).

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