Monday, January 11, 2010

Abby & Jake !

The Fort welcomed two new recruits this morning and Jake was up first. He is an itty-bitty, three month old, German Shepherd who shall soon be a giant! Jake has these massive paws to grow into (the biggest I've seen on a pup in quite some time). He did decent in the Medium Roll, we can't wait for him to find his groove. In a few months, Jake will probably start hanging out with his Auntie Maggie (an all black German Shepherd, a Fort Fido regular) in the Big Roll.

After Jake strolled in, Abby stopped by. She is a beautiful little, three year old, Cockapoo. She has had a rough start (been attacked multiple times by large dogs) with dog socialization. We at the fort think Abby's day was not too shabby. She seemed to enjoy herself in the Little Roll despite some unfortunate situations in her past. Only time will tell. Word on the street is that she loves ball time... We love ball time too, it can be a great tool to get pets comfortable with doggie daycare.

Take it easy,

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