Thursday, January 28, 2010

Double Trouble ! !

Bandit & Shelby experienced their first Fort Fido visit this morning. They are two very striking, black and white, English Springer Spaniel siblings. Bandit is the more outgoing one in the duo, he has a long tail (most Springers have docked tails) and seems very alert, ready for action! Shelby is more low key, she has a very calm/quiet disposition and no tail... But sweet none the less lol.

Unfortunately these two didn't "bust out" this morning, however, we are almost certain that they will. At least certain that Bandit will, he was so close to playing (his owner said, "Once Bandit starts, Shelby will follow."). The first day can be a little awkward for some dogs, "Where am I?", "What is going on here?" haha, I don't blame them. After some time and consistency, most find thier groove, have a blast and don't turn back! All for now, take care,


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